T.R.E.®(Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

Online & in-person sessions. Sometimes groups, max 6.

Committed TRE practitioners often report:

  • More energy
  • More engagement with environment and others
  • Greater self-care
  • Improved mood
  • Improved sleep
  • Less injury
  • Increased recovery time from injury
  • Calmer mind
  • Less monkey mind
  • More enthusiasm and vitality for life
  • More space between reacting and responding
  • Greater presence and ability to remain present
  • Increased ability to respond under stress
  • Less anxiety, more calm

“A grounded and regulated nervous system is the greatest gift you can give to humanity.”

An Internationally Certified Provider, Sean Spoon invites you to join a co-regulated group or 1.5hr one-on-one session in Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE). This will include an initial consultation, explanation of the methodology and a co-regulated (supervised) practise of the 7 exercises, resulting in a more grounded, centred and calm nervous system.

With so many stresses in our fast-paced, technology-driven world forcing us to live at ever-greater degrees of fight or flight, TRE was developed by Dr. David Berceli in the USA as a way of carefully inducing the natural body tremors used by our nervous systems to complete it’s cycle of contraction and relaxation after stressful and/or traumatic events.

The tremors are totally natural, however most of us learn to suppress them early on in life so as not to appear weak, show fear, or feel like we have lost control. Unfortunately, this leaves the contraction-relaxation cycle incomplete, which in turn compounds the stress chemicals into our muscles, fascia, and biochemistry, leaving us prone to injury, illness, mental instability, mood swings, hyper and hypo-sensitivity and other symptoms of stress fatigue.

TRE teaches us how to reactivate these healing, neurogenic tremors in a safe and controlled way, in order to take charge of our own healing and reconnect our disconnected, traumatised bodies. It is not a one-time fixative, but rather a gradual unpeeling of layer upon layer of deeply held patterns of muscular tension.

Sean Spoon trained in TRE throughout 2020, under the guidance of Lori-Ann Arsenault of Freedom Within Wellness LLC. After suffering a sexual trauma in 2018 that shut down his entire physical, emotional and spiritual body, TRE emerged as the final missing piece to his embodiment recovery. It also served to assist him in dealing with the negative economic and social effects of the Covid19 pandemic. Having received the benefits first-hand, he now uses it to help others in similar situations.

It has been used successfully with military veterans, police, security, medical and other emergency service providers, as well as refugees, displaced and discriminated people as well as the average layperson. Available with English and/or Spanish instruction.

“In order to thrive humans essentially need two things: a sense of love and a sense of belonging. That’s it.

Abdominal organ MASSAGE

In-person, one-on-one: Chi Nei Tsang (China) |  Ingham Reflexology (Sweden)
Ayurvedic Walking Massage (India) | Lomi Lomi Hawai’ian Massage (Hawai’i)

Benefits of receiving Chi Nei Tsang include:

  • Improved digestive function
  • Elimination of gas / IBS
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Greater sense of peace and harmony
  • Increased contentment
  • More lightness of being
  • Improved reproductive health
  • Increased liver function
  • Improved kidney function Weight loss
  • Calmer mind and body
  • Balanced hormones
  • Increased endocrine function
  • Stabilised organ functions

“The gut is the seat of all feeling. It is not Vegas; what happens in the gut does not stay in the gut!”

Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a Taoist practice from China that uses pressure points and strokes on the abdomen to release held toxins from the organs, ease digestion, improve mineral absorption, balance the Yin and Yang energies, and restore vitality to the body.

Literally translated as “the energy and information of the guts”, Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is a form of massage that focuses on the vital organs and fascia to unwind tension from the naval outwards, thereby promoting greater organ efficiency and optimal health.

It was originally developed to help Buddhist monks access higher states of consciousness during their meditation due to the deeply cleansing nature of the treatment and resultant feelings of harmony both within and without.

Sean Spoon has been offering Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) since 2013 when he graduated from Omsala, Thailand. He has since run his personal practice from the UK and across South East Asia, and has won praise from a number of internationally recognized bodyworkers for the sensitivity of his touch and his natural intuition. His sessions are notable for their gentle and deeply relaxing tone, as well as the “information” that is often revealed from direct touch.

This abdominal massage improves not only the digestive, circulatory, lymphatic and immune systems, it also helps to strengthen and realign skeletal misalignments owing to visceral imbalances.

Please note: It is best not to eat 2/3 hours before the 90min session & coconut oil is applied throughout.

Women: It is not recommended 2/3 days before and after menstruation.


Ingham Reflexology comes from Sweden and relaxes and balances the body systems through the gentle manipulation of corresponding reflex points on the feet and/or hands. Pressure and strokes are light and specific, thereby allowing the body to align itself organically, rather than through force or overstimulation.

Sean Spoon has been offering Ingham Reflexology since 2013, when he graduated from the London School of Reflexology, UK.

Sessions are conducted with either coconut or other appropriate oil or powders to ensure a smooth pressure and pleasant sensation throughout the 45-60mins session. It can be performed sitting or lying in the comfort of your own home.

Ayurvedic Walking Massage is a simple sequence of steps and pressures all along the body, primarily focusing on the spine and legs, and is designed to open and balance the energy meridians, or “nadis” in yogic terms, of the body. Pressure from the feet are used throughout to maximise the control and impact of this surprisingly gentle and invigorating 30mins practice.

Sean Spoon has been offering Ayurvedic Walking Massage since 2019 when he gained instruction in it as part of his Traditional Tantra Yoga training.

Great for preyoga or workout sessions. Please note, hand pressure may be used as an alternative should you prefer.

Hawai’ian Lomi Lomi Massage brings the waves of the sea to your body and senses. The 60mins session of long, continuous strokes across the whole body, both front and back, gently laps you into a deep state of relaxation, harmony and rejuvenation.

Sean Spoon has been offering Lomi Lomi since 2019 after receiving his training from Bali BISA, Indonesia.

Stemming from the “Huna” philosophy of energy flow and the Hawai’ian “Kahuna” shamanic tradition, this oil-based massage, although soft and loving by nature, was also an important part fo the Hawai’ian warriors‘ preparation for and recovery from war.

PLEASE NOTE: All sessions are provided primarily in the comfort of your own home, unless otherwise arranged, with the exception of Lomi Lomi due to it’s oily nature.


Online & in-person sessions. One-on-one, sometimes groups, max 6.

Committed Tantra Hatha Yoga practitioners often report:

  • Improved overall physical health
  • Improved mental functioning
  • Greater flexibility
  • Increased body awareness
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Increased confidence
  • Greater capcity for connection
  • More presence and awareness
  • Improved posture
  • Increased muscle tone
  • Greater concentration
  • Better sleep, rest and recuperation
  • Reduced injury
  • Faster injury recovery
  • Increased compassion and empathy
  • Naturally emerging spiritual connection
  • Improved mental attitude
  • Greater respect and understanding between genders
  • Increased tolerance

“Yoga practised without focus of the mind is not Yoga.”

Sean Spoon offers online or in-person Tantra Hatha Yoga sessions for enhanced personal awareness, deeper relaxation, improved intimate relationships and overall bodymind health

Traditional Tantra Yoga originated in India and was designed to evolve the consciousness of each individual through the disciplined practice of numerous cleansing rituals (kriya yoga), physical postures (asanas), breath and energy techniques (pranayama), meditations, and spiritual study (raja yoga).

Known as a sadhana, such a practice focuses a lot on developing the qualities of each chakra (energy wheel) along the body, which in turn functions as a kind of alchemy; turning the slower, gross energies in the lower half of the body into the more subtle and refined energies of the upper half.

Sean Spoon has studied in two distinct Tantra Yoga schools since 2016: beginning with the now-controversial Agama Yoga School until 2018, he then moved to the Indian-guru-led Shri Kali Ashram, where a depth of study from the original and other ancient yogic texts was strongly encouraged.

It was in the latter that he conducted his Yoga Alliance affiliated teacher training in 2019. Tantra Hatha Yoga is non-religious and can enhance all forms of spiritual affiliation.

Philosophically speaking, in the non-dual Kaula system of Tantra, as practiced by Sean Spoon, each of us is considered a spark of the Divine. It is believed that in the process of emerging into this world we are required to forget our divine essence, and consequently rely only on the limits of our senses to determine our beliefs about reality. By relaxing deeply into a slow sequence of gentle asanas (poses) we are able to cultivate that “remembered” awareness. This moves us into our inherent bliss. Living from here is the essence of Tantra.

This bespoke session will be specifically tailored to your desired outcome, be it physical and/or spiritual and so will include an initial consultation, declaration of intent, consecration, physical asana practice and, if necessary, pranayama and meditation practices too.

Beginners are welcome as well as more advanced yogis.

Please note: Sessions are available with either English or Spanish instruction.

Follow my YouTube Channel: The Tantric Enquirer for more information on Traditional Tantra.

VOCAL meditation

Online & in-person sessions. One-on-one and groups, max 10.

Benefits of practicing The Sound Round include:

  • Greater sense of peace and harmony
  • Settled nervous system
  • Ability to attune to any environment
  • Slower monkey mind
  • Improved communication skills
  • Improved ability to speak authentically
  • Greater expression in voice
  • Sense of freedom and liberation in voice

“The Bhajan love-child of Bobby McFerrin and Demetrio Stratos!”

The SoundRound is a vocal meditation that was created by Sean Spoon in the Thai city of Chiang Mai in 2014, It is a combination of sitting, silent meditation and free-form vocal improvisation.

Imagine the tranquility of a Buddhist temple space combined with the soaring vocal freedom of Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig in the Sky”. This is the cleansing and harmonising effect of The Sound Round. There are no notes to master or mantras to learn, just a willingness to listen and to make sound.

Sound Round is a mix of improvisational vocal toning, meditative harmonies, chakra opening and guided sounding techniques guaranteed to take you into a fantastic exploration of psycho-active space.

Each session will include simple focusing techniques to encourage a release in your voice that will enhance your listening and perceptive qualities, attune your body to the surrounding environment, calm your nervous system and help you overcome limiting beliefs about your voice and your right to express yourself authentically.

psychophysical actor training

Online & in-person sessions. One-on-one and groups, max 6.

Benefits of the The Embodied Objective methodology include:

  • Greater emotional control
  • Greater availability of emotions
  • Greater depth of emotions
  • Greater awareness of human behaviour
  • Greater awareness of character psyche
  • Unique insight into personality construction
  • Feelings of safety and confidence around risk-taking in performance
  • Greater range of performance choices
  • Improved subtlety in performance
  • Ease and relaxation in front of camera
  • Greater compassion and empathy

“Micro-gestures are lightening fast and tells us whether something is real or false. Capturing them is the heart of believable screen-acting, and The Embodied Objective methodology.”

“The Embodied Objective” is a ground-breaking yogic screen-acting methodology created by Sean Spoon in 2011, and developed alongside the students of the International School of Screen Acting (ISSA), based at Three Mills Film Studios, London.

Initially considered avant-garde or metaphysical, this training draws on the ancient Indian performance philosophy written in the Natyasastra – and most often experienced in the multi-sensory Bollywood genre – which considers the root of a believable performance to be a visceral, in the gut, experience, as opposed to a visual one, as is commonly accepted as truth in Western performance thanks to Aristotle and his Poetics.

The Embodied Objective is unique in that it not only brings the actor into visceral contact with their emotions in a safe and controllable way through the yogic rasas, it also aligns this alongside Stanislavskian, and other Stanislavski-derived script analysis and character development practices common to Western acting schools, and then goes one step further.

It is the only methodology that acknowledges both Eastern and Western performance training methodologies focusing specifically for the camera; it empowers actors to achieve natural and believable performances. Effortlessly.


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